I have some very exciting news!

I am so excited to share with you all the fabulous news! Are you sitting down? Are you ready?! I am officially a Full time Fashion and Beauty blogger! Woohoo! That’s right I am taking a huge leap of faith and Making my dreams happen!

I started on this crazy blogging journey of mine nine months ago in April 2018. I pretty much had no clue what I was doing. I just knew that I had a love of fashion and playing dress up and wanted to share trendy and affordable items with anyone and everyone who also shares a passion for fashion finds!

I started off super small, just myself, my camera phone, my tripod, and of course my shopping finds. Cut to nine months of blood, sweat, and some tears, I worked my butt off! I studied and took courses (like serious crazy courses that were harder than college classes) and learned my trade. I worked so hard on this craft. I made tons of fabulous blogger friends, attended blogger events, got accepted to LikeToKnowIt. Shout out to my blogger bestie @catchingupwithKels  who hands down has been my big sister (Even though she’s way younger than me!) and has taught me literally Everything about growing in this Industry!

I started making a small profit through my Liketoknowit links (a huge thank you by the way to everyone who takes the time to shop my links and give me credit) and started landing brand deals and collaborations. I started making money at this! People are sending me merchandise and paying me to take photos! It’s honestly a dream come true. I am officially able to leave my Etsy business behind. That’s right, I closed down my shop, StarrJoy16. I had a great five years of being my own boss with StarrJoy16 and making baby clothes for kids all over the United States! It was a great run! But this is my passion. This is where I belong. And not to mention, I do not have time to maintain my Etsy shop any longer! No one tells you how much time goes into blogging and Influencing. You do not see the behind the scenes, the negotiations, the phone meetings, the contracts, the photo shoot set ups, the wardrobe changes, the editing of photos, the algorithm studying, the engaging efforts, etc.. etc.. etc.. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t change it for the world because I love it! All of it!

I am so so so excited, Like Jessie Spano on pills excited to be moving on to the next chapter in my career, a full time blogger babe! I recently asked you guys what you wanted to see more of from me in the new year. Beauty finds, try on sessions, and home décor were your main requests! I am on it! I am here for you! I have all of you to thank for your support along the way! I cannot wait to share more with you all! And a huge huge thank you , from the bottom of my heart! Thank you all for making my dreams happen!

Make your dreams happen shirt from Heyrichgirl