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    $850 Nordstrom Gifting or Paypal Cash

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    My every day hair products!

    Ok babes! I have been getting a lot of questions on exactly WHAT I use to maintain my hair! So here it is! I’m breaking down the exact list of what products I use on the daily for my do! First off, I have to be totally honest and tell you that I do not wash my hair every day. Yup, that’s right! It’s so much maintenance to suds up every single day, not to mention it’s great to give your hair a break from product and styling every 24/7! So when I don’t wash, I use the lifesaving dry shampoo. My absolute favorite brand is Batiste. I alternate between…

  • Fun!

    I have some very exciting news!

    I am so excited to share with you all the fabulous news! Are you sitting down? Are you ready?! I am officially a Full time Fashion and Beauty blogger! Woohoo! That’s right I am taking a huge leap of faith and Making my dreams happen! I started on this crazy blogging journey of mine nine months ago in April 2018. I pretty much had no clue what I was doing. I just knew that I had a love of fashion and playing dress up and wanted to share trendy and affordable items with anyone and everyone who also shares a passion for fashion finds! I started off super small, just…

  • OOTD

    New year, New leggings with Meshaapparel

    Happy 2019 Friends! New year, new goals, new possibilities! I am so excited to share with you my new favorite leggings from Meshaapparel   Aren’t they cute?! I was gifted four fabulous pairs of leggings that I am going to break down for you right here, right now! First up we have the Elite legging. They are a fun take on traditional all black leggings. They have a flattering design and a funky metallic sheen to them. I love that they are high waisted! And they have a complimentary fit! I was shocked to see that I could comfortably fit in the size small (Especially after all of the holiday…

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    Shop the Ivy Fashion Haul

    Happy Thursday babes! I am so excited to tell you about one of my new favorite online boutiques! The Ivy! I was recently connected with Meredith from @Shop.theivy on Instagram. Meredith started her online boutique  ShoptheIvy.com mainly for her own shopping addiction (which girl, I can relate! Hi, my name is Starr and I’m a shopoholic!) but also to bring the confidence of feeling good by looking good in fabulous clothing to women all around the world! Not only does her online boutique showcase unique, stand out pieces but she offers them at affordable prices too! Score! I am not joking when I tell you that her entire shop is “Get…

  • Jewelry

    Building my unique story with Popcharms

    I was recently gifted a beautiful bracelet from the wonderful ladies at Popcharms. The shop owners, Christina and Jessica are best friends of over 17 years. They created a fabulous line to empower women while at the same time remind us even on our busiest days that we are unique and special. Popcharms is a one of a kind brand that highlights your individual story and allows you to carry your story with you right on your sleeve. I love making a fashion statement by celebrating important life events, fond memories, success stories, and accomplishments with Popcharms! The bracelets are so pretty too! Building your unique story is easy. Head…

  • Fun!

    Photoshoot with Pink lover shop

    Hey ya’ll! I am oh so happy share with you all the very exciting news that at the bold age of 34 and with my full height of five foot three, I have finally made it as a professional model! Let’s all laugh together now! Hahahaha! No but wait, I’m actually serious! I recently had the absolute pleasure of working on my very first professional photoshoot! If ya’ll follow me on Instagram @starrjoyblog you got to see the exclusive behind the scenes of my experience in real time on my stories. If you missed it (because hey, Instagram stories only last for 24 hours) that’s ok! I’m going to give…

  • OOTD

    My magical Kame N’ Leon bag from BeautynMadness

        I was recently gifted this fabulous bag from @BeautyNMadness_  It’s their number one seller, the Kame n’ Leon. This magical bag reflects the light creating beautiful colors. Depending on the light, the color intensity varies, but in direct sunlight the bag lights up and shines like magic! Their bags come in several different shapes and sizes. I love how roomy it is inside and the hidden pockets make it easy to organize. It also has an adjustable cross body strap, making it super easy and functionable for every occasion! This handbag is definitely a showstopper! It’s the perfect gift for the colorful, fashionable, trendsetting gal. Check out their…

  • Fun!

    Pumpkin patch time!

    One of my favorite activities to kick off the Fall season is visiting the pumpkin patch! This year we headed to Seasonal Adventures which has several locations in Southern California. And boy were we in for a treat! Their pumpkin patches are designed to be a fun safe family experience. It’s a great spot for the kiddos and the young at heart! Each lot has fun activities like the bungee jump, mechanical rides, fun games, a petting zoo, inflatable jump house, giant inflatable slides, and huge inflatable obstacle courses! My favorite part is of course the pumpkins! They have thousands to choose from in all shapes, sizes, and colors! I…

  • OOTD

    My new favorite workout wear by Hypeelixir

    We all know that my idea of a workout is running to the nearest sale or walking briskly to the front door when the pizza delivery arrives! But I was recently gifted this super cute workout set from Hypeelixir  and I immediately fell in love! The line is created for both women and men and is aimed at comfortable street fashion. So you don’t even have to feel guilty about not hitting the gym while wearing the styles. I love the design of the Women’s stealth tracksuit! And just had to share it with you all! It is super comfortable and VERY flattering! The first time I put it on,…