Photoshoot with Pink lover shop

Hey ya’ll! I am oh so happy share with you all the very exciting news that at the bold age of 34 and with my full height of five foot three, I have finally made it as a professional model! Let’s all laugh together now! Hahahaha! No but wait, I’m actually serious! I recently had the absolute pleasure of working on my very first professional photoshoot!

If ya’ll follow me on Instagram @starrjoyblog you got to see the exclusive behind the scenes of my experience in real time on my stories. If you missed it (because hey, Instagram stories only last for 24 hours) that’s ok! I’m going to give you a full recap of my experience right here right now! As well as show you the final photos! Which if I do say so myself came out soooo stinkin cute!

I was approached by the fabulous Katie who helps fellow bloggers and influencers build their following on social media. Go give her a follow on Instagram @Katielovesocial . Not only is Katie a badass babe supporting other babes, she’s also a major boss babe too! That’s right! she recently started her own clothing brand! PinkLoverShop

Her brand is Fun with a capital F! Her line features super fun, trendy, girly items from T-shirts, hoodies, to accessories like cute mugs and bags! The entire line is made up of bright and colorful goodies! She even carries kid’s sizes as well! I love that her collection is made for all shapes and sizes and even all ages too!

I had NO idea what to expect going in to my first stint as a model! I arrived bright and early at the photography studio of the fabulous @alishylishy and was swept right into the makeup chair. Now I’ll let you in on a little secret, I absolutely L-O-V-E I mean LOVE getting my makeup done by professional makeup artists! I felt just like a Kardashian getting all glammed up while being offered coffee and donuts! All though if we’re being real, we all know the Kardashian’s do not ever eat donuts! Haha, they just like to smell them!

Then I met my two bestie boos for the day, cutie pie Lindsay and the beautiful Kaila 

The whole shoot was full of entertainment! From quick wardrobe changes, to spray painting pizza pink, to confetti thrown in the air, and it raining monopoly money, and balloon fights! We all laughed it up and had a blast!

As you can see from all of the photos! Girls really do just want to have fun!

I am so proud and privileged to have Katie personally ask me to be a part of her brand! I had a wonderful time representing her brand new label and am so happy that she helped check one of my dreams off my bucketlist! Thank you so much Katie! It was an experience that I will never forget!