My magical Kame N’ Leon bag from BeautynMadness



I was recently gifted this fabulous bag from @BeautyNMadness_  It’s their number one seller, the Kame n’ Leon. This magical bag reflects the light creating beautiful colors. Depending on the light, the color intensity varies, but in direct sunlight the bag lights up and shines like magic!

Their bags come in several different shapes and sizes. I love how roomy it is inside and the hidden pockets make it easy to organize. It also has an adjustable cross body strap, making it super easy and functionable for every occasion!

This handbag is definitely a showstopper! It’s the perfect gift for the colorful, fashionable, trendsetting gal.

Check out their collection here! Use the code Starr30 for an exclusive discount of 30% off! Discount valid through Midnight on Wednesday 11/14/18

Happy shopping babes