Saved by the Max pop up!

I never thought I’d say this but I was actually so excited to go back to high school! Bayside high school to be exact! That’s right friends, the early 90’s popular Saturday morning show “Saved by the Bell” is brought back to life via the pop-up restaurant Saved by the Max!

2 of my girlfriends and I headed out to West Hollywood at 8pm on a Thursday night. (Now, this is L.A., so the fact that I even made it there in one piece was a miracle itself, faced with traffic, semi trucks, and parking structure situations… but that could be a whole other blog post! LOL!) From the outside, you would never know that this pop up even existed! But once you enter…. oh once you enter, you are transformed into the exact replica of the Max! With bright lights, 90’s music (included tracks from ‘Zack attack’), t.v screens playing the episodes, and of course burgers, milkshakes, and fries!

There is a 90 minute time limit upon entering. And I must say the whole pop up is very well organized. Once you are seated, they immediately take your order. (The Bayside burger for me please!) and while you are waiting for your food to arrive, it’s picture time! You’re free to walk around snapping all your best pics for your Instagram Feed! They pretty much covered everything that you would want to take pictures with. It couldn’t get any better unless Zack and the gang were actually there in person themselves.

There is a locker filled with props for each cast member! Whether you want a shot with Tori’s motorcycle helmet, Lisa’s crutches, Kelly’s pom poms, Zack’s high tech cell phone, or even Jessie’s “so excited” pill bottle!

They covered everything! Even down to the Jukebox!

Remember the radio station episodes?!

We certainly can’t forget about Mr. Belding. That’s right Belding’s office is even included in another dining room area! Complete with his desk placker and photo on the wall!

Back to the food! My Bayside burger was delicious and the Mac and cheese was to die for! It was all so good!

It seems like only yesterday we started, but soon, just like high school, our 90 minute journey came to an end. The football teams, the parties, and the dances! Cramming for a midterm until three, oh Saved by the Max pop up, thanks for the memory!