Magnetic Lashes

Ok I am obsessed and I mean obsessed with these magnetic lashes! If you know me at all, you know I love a good false lash! I had lash extensions for a bit (which I loved btw) but the overall maintenance and cost were a little draining on my time and on my wallet. That’s why these falsies are sooo perfect! Not only are they budget friendly at just $13 a pack (the pack lasts at least 4 weeks) but they are also super easy to use! I love how low maintenance they are too! You just pop em on in the a.m. and peel them off when you’re ready for bed. I love that I can still sleep on my side (something you CANNOT do with extensions) because let’s be honest, a girl’s gotta get her zzzzz’s!

Bonus, they do not damage your lashes since they are magnetic and zero glue is being used!

The application was a little tricky at first. The first time I applied them it took me about ten minutes to get them right. Now after wearing them daily for a week, it takes me about a minute to put both sets on! So easy! If I can do it, anyone can! And I have super long nails too (which might get in the way for some people). So to apply simply take the top lash and lay it on top of your natural lashes as close to the eyelid/lash line as possible. Keep your head tilted back (so it doesn’t fall off while you get the bottom magnetic lash ready). Take the bottom magnetic lash and sandwich your natural lash by placing the magnetic lash under your natural lash line to connect the magnets. Tada! You now have Bambi doe eyed lashes!

Have you tried them yet? Comment and share your thoughts below!